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Do you offer appraisals? Unfortunately, due to the large number of requests I receive I am not able to to do appraisals or research for items that are not my own.  Research to determine the value and identity of antiques can take many hours per item.  There are several books available on the market that you can use to help identify and value your item.  I list many of my favorites under antique links.  A google search also reveals several online appraisal companies. I haven't used any of them so I do not feel qualified to recommend one over another.
Can you restore my antique purse?  I no longer restore commercially.  I can recommend the restorers below:

Personal Touch Beaded Purse Repair  Patty repairs all types of beaded purses and beadwork, including steel beaded purses.  She also is the only person I know who does celluloid repair.  Check out her before and after pictures. 
Beaded Purse Repair  Antique beaded purse restoration is Terri's specialty.  She believes in historically accurate repairs and has an extensive inventory of antique seed beads that enables her to use authentic, period-precise color and size matches when replacing beads and fringes on your purse. 
Vintage Purse Works  Dorita specializes in the repair and restoration of antique and collectable metal mesh purses. Her repair philosophy is to preserve as much of the original integrity of a purse as possible.
Do you buy items from individuals? Yes, I do buy from individuals who contact me over the internet, though currently an item has to be pretty exceptional or unusual for me to be interested in it.  Also, as the seller I expect you to come up with the price. I do not offer appraisals.  If you have something you are interested in selling please contact me with pictures, price, and as much information as you can regarding the item.

Do you offer layaway? Yes. If you are interested in purchasing an item on layaway please contact me and we'll work out a layaway plan that works for both of us.

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