#1883 - Tam O'Shanter Purse Frame

This purse frame is for a "Tam O' Shanter" purse and probably dates from the early 1900's. Tam O'Shanters typically had a beaded or leather bottom section which was attached to the round metal purse frame.  An example of a Tam O'Shanter purse can be found for sale here.  Patterns for these purses can be found in some of my reproduction purse patterns booklets, specifically in the Martha Washington, Corticelli Silk Purses and the Home Needlework 1901 booklets. This frame has a ring in the lower part of the frame. You sew the purse to the ring and then use pliers to bend little metal triangles down to hold the ring in place.  The metal lid has a repousse design of a lady's head. She's wearing a star earring and there is a star, bats, and the word "Crepuscule", which means "twilight", above her head. There are no markings on the purse top to indicated the metal so I think that it is most likely nickel, German silver, or silver-plated brass.  This is in excellent condition for its age with a well working snap closure. Measures 2 1/4 " in diameter.