#949 - Tam O'Shanter Coin Purse

This cute little antique coin purse is called a "Tam O' Shanter" and dates from the early 1900's. Tam O'Shanters typically had a beaded or leather bottom section which was attached to a round metal purse frame. The crocheted part of this little purse is tan in color but is completely covered with the cut steel and black beads in a geometric design. The metal lid has a repousse design of flowers. There are no markings on the purse top to indicated the metal so I think that it is most likely nickel, German silver, or silver-plated brass. The inside of the metal lid is marked "Pat Dec 15 03" (that is 1903, of course). This is in excellent condition for its age with a well working snap closure. No missing beads or tears to the fabric. Measures 2 3/4" across when lying flat and the frame is 2 1/4 " in diameter. The interior that would hold the coins is about 1" deep.