#2352 - Antique Beaded Knitted Purse

c. 1920.  This beautiful knit beaded purse is in excellent condition.  The beads are a cut iridescent clear ab (aurora borealis) color that sparkles in the light - I've found these beads before on other purses from the 1920s. It was knitted with cream colored silk.  The picture makes it looks like there is a discoloration on the right bottom side of the purse but there isn't - there must have been a slight shadow when I took the picture.   Silver plated filigree frame has filigree on both sides of frame.  The original lining is in perfect shape and is trimmed with floral trim.  Every loop of the looped fringe is there.  Overall an absolutely excellent purse and very useable. Measures 6" wide at bottom by 12 1/4" long.  Chain adds another 6". .

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